Heathly Food/Local Food, Soul Food

Healthy Food/Local Food, Soul Food (HFLFsoulfood) is a networking campaign to strengthen business between healthy food sources and local restaurants and stores in the Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, Brooklyn Centre and Tremont neighborhoods. We want to permanently effect how adults and children buy food at a street level.

I am looking for fellows interested in learning more about the HFLFsoulfood Campaign and leading the efforts of Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre CDO and Tremont West Development Corps.

15 Districts across Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, Brooklyn Centre and Tremont Healthy Food, Local Food Soul Food
Farmer’s Market Restaurant #1
Community Garden #1 Restaurant #2
Workinc class communities; soul, Americana and Latin restaurants. Small corner and convenience stores. Many young parent households and older, retired households. Community Garden #2 Store #1
Local Producer #1 Store #2
Local Producer #2 Ohio Summer Food Program Site
Urban Market Garden Food Truck
School-related program Catering

We are looking for local food businesses to:

Offer one meal that uses healthy and locally produced ingredients to a beloved traditional meal.


Prominently offer one healthy, locally made children’s snack and a produce section with a rainbow assortment (a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet) of fresh vegetables and fruits


Participating Urban Market Gardens

Blue Pike Farms

Community Greenhouse Partners

Erie’s Edge Farms

City Fresh

Participating Farmer’s Markets

Tremont Farmer’s Market


Links to Posts about Healthy Food/Local Food, Soul Food:


Link to Tweets about Healthy Food/Local Food, Soul Food:



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