Aspect #4

People working together to accomplish what couldn’t be done alone

  1. Homestead assembly involves highly skilled work passed on by apprenticeship.
  2. Workshop unites a few skilled people to a specific accomplishment.
  3. Corporation unites many people in different departments/specialties into one organism.
  4. Assembly Line unites many unskilled people to produce a very complex result.

Gathering Two or Three In a Good Name

Every business, charity and household is organized into one of these forms. The only question is: Are they organized truthfully? If your work or advantage is primarily concerned with teams, projects and meetings; if you organize work for others; and if you ever think to call yourself a Leader, you need to ask yourself some questions on how truthful you are on how you assemble others.

A Homesteader who works only for themselves and forgets apprenticeship fails himself and his whole industry. When someone leads a Workshop, but micromanages their workers like low-skilled grunts, they are doing a disservice to everyone involved and cheapening their workers’ labor. Mistakes like this keep up chaos, flip-flopping from management, and set up unreasonable expectations. Any successful business, charity or household knows why they gathered together in the first place.

Choosing Assmeblies with Economy In Mind

How and why you assemble a team affects your service by changing it to match the talents and contributions of your workers or comrades. A Homesteader may be a lone wolf in his service, but he still participates in a larger professional association that gives him the support, information and resources as if he were in a department.

Or, one could assemble twenty adults to manufacture simple tools to earn a wage while waiting for more gainful employment.

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