Aspect #5

Managing the demand and delivery of your service

The best businesses focus their attention on providing a definate solution to a problem shared by a nameable community. Distribution is the method you use to communicate your solution to your community and get it into their hands. You can use more than one method– and depending on the service it is preferable–but you will find that every method of distribution drastically changes how you approach the whole service mission.

HOW you distribute can change WHY you distribute.

1. Face-to-Face sales are used when relationships and trust are essential.
2. In house captures market share within a specific area.
3. Bulk purchase gets the service in the most hands with the least selling.
4. Online stores reach far beyond area and satisfy niche markets.
5. Multimedia speaks to a large audience and invites response.

Mindshare Instead of Market Share

As a small business or charity, you are not bound by the same demands of capturing marketshare that larger corporations obsess over. Marketshare implies scarcity and places value on competing against others in your industry. But when you are trying to change your community through business and charity, your needs are never scarce and competing against others in your industry makes about as much sense as competing against your spouse over who fees your children. Other small businesses or charities aren’t your competitors, they are your comrades.

Focus instead on improving service mindshare and industry mindshare.

Service mindshare is how much space a service occupies in any clinet’s mind. How important does any client, prospect or lead you have think your service is?

Industry mindshare is how important your entire market feels your and your comrades united service mission is. It isn’t one dairy farm but a professional assembly of Californian dairy farmers that pay for the Got Milk? campaign. And if large businesses like that are willing to work together to raise demand for their entire industry, how much more needed is it for small businesses?

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