Aspect #7

Creating best practices and more accurate definitions for business, culture, and science

At the end of every cycle is a time of rest and reflection. After you’ve shipped your last order and closed the doors for the night, can you accurately describe why the methods you’ve chosen work best for you?

1. Policy sets guidelines and restrictions.
2. Academia collects, teaches, and expands on what is known.
3. Consulting allows for independent experimentation and advising.
4. Administrations adopt distinct practices and policies that select assemblies work within.

Associations and Agglomerations

As a business or charity, you work within a larger industry. The strength of any industry is its ability to communicate within itself as to how its work gets done best. You don’t have to come up with every idea when other leaders share your mission. This is why many industries share associations and agglomerations. Contributing to these groups helps you learn and helps others recognize you as a leader.

Associations promote the industry as a whole and provide support for individual businesses and charities.

Agglomeration is when businesses or charities of within a similar industry or that are connected by linkage share physical space to make their trades and economies of scale easier. When transportation is a big deal, this helps businesses reduce costs and improve their visibility to clients.

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