Aspect #3

A task done for another person

  1. Time services free up the clients time and obligations.
  2. Skill services apply expertise the client doesn’t have to a problem.
  3. Capital services turn capital and ideas over to generate money.

Moving from Mass Production to Specialized Service

The United States has entered a second Homestead-Workshop Assembly era, similar to our colonial roots. Now is an excellent time to work in service. We have a second chance to be the proud, republican country we were in early-America, with all the actual freedoms we espoused in our Enlightened literature.

How sweet is that?

The challenge of modern service leaders, however, is adopting that Homestead-Workshop mindset, where every worker is expected to invest emotional capital into their work and their managers treat them with respect and trust as equal colleagues. We have grown so accustomed to treating most Americans like low-skilled factory grunts that the attitude has infected every other area of our lives.

But the market realities don’t match our 1960’s expectations. Systems can’t justify large numbers of workers anymore and are trimming fat. Every worker must add value, but, again, most employers don’t know how to design their services to encourage intrapreneurship. And the blurring lines between time, skill, and capital services are meaning the difference between a Real Household income and poverty.

Luckily, we have champions like Seth Godin, Christine Comaford,and Guy Kawasaki leading the way in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship: the ideas that every person can create, lead or follow in service and still be intellectual, emotionally and financially fulfilled.

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