Determine Your Leadership

Milestone #1

In this milestone, you will learn how to:

1. Adopt the Attitudes of a Community Organizer and a Strategic Planner

2. Make Productivity and Ownership Priority

3. Decide What Meaningful Work is for You

4. Determine On Which Schedule Model You’d Like to Work

I have a very specific and ridiculously ambitious understanding of leadership that shapes how, in turn, that I understand work. Work is a means of improving one’s skill and knowledge. Work is a productive or maintainable service for another. Work is a means to an end: a better society. The grimiest and the noblest work should have the same end: better leaders and better society.

Even the simplest maintenance work should make you a better leader; if not on the job than at home, where every American is a leader because we are a free market republic.

By going through Milestone #1: Determine Your Leadership, you’ll develop a better understanding of leadership and work, which will lead to a stronger service that produces for your household and your workers.


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