Project Evaluation

Conventionally, consultants write proposals that are rarely more than educated guesses as to what they could accomplish for you. Cityweaver flips that model on its head.

For a flat price of $200, we write a specialized Project Evaluation so detailed and precise that you can hand it to your manager and immediately implement the project.

  • Attention to Details: Developed by having an ongoing conversation with you!
  • No Pricing Surprises: Gives you an accurate estimate of the project’s value and its cost.
  • Qualification: Judge for yourself if we are qualified to manage the project.

The Project Evaluation Writing Process

#1 —Research with Our Experts

With the help of local business and nonprofit experts, we challenge your organization’s vision and how you implement it. We spend time with you by phone, over Skype, via email, and in person. As our research uncovers problems or finds solutions, we run them by you and gather your feedback.

#2 — Offer $20,000 in Value

Cityweaver must offer intelligent, expertise-driven recommendations of at least $20,000 in annual value. We share our recommendations with you throughout the evaluation process, and when the final report is given, there are rarely any surprises.

#3 — Prepare Three Objectives

After we’ve worked through the value of our objectives, we put together a technical scope. We must describe the how, what, when, where, who of the Three Objectives that make up the project.

#4 — Prepare the Timeline & Estimate

All the information is now available to see the project through from start to finish, identifying the challenges, and determining the amount of resources required to meet the project’s objectives. Calculating the cost and preparing an estimate becomes a relatively straightforward process.

The Project Evaluation Includes

At the end of the Project Evaluation writing process, the Project Evaluation should contain the following:

The Executive Summary: Cityweaver updates your business plan to include how the project affects your work and a detailed summary of the value added by the project.

  • Cityweaver Credentials
  • Business Vision
  • Project Value Added

Project Management Basics: An overview of terms, perspective, and why processes work the way they do. Useful advice for managers who may not be familiar with project management.

Project Evaluation: The Evaluation includes supplemental materials such as job descriptions, training and hiring protocols, business worksheets and paperwork, contact forms and updated business plan sections.

  • Team and Timeline: Modifiable Timeline Provided as an Excel Attachment
  • Objective #1
  • Objective #2
  • Objective #3
  • Budget: Modifiable Budget Provided as an Excel Attachment

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